For individual use

For organizations (Min. 5 users)

Standard plan
per user, per month billed annualy
$9 billed monthly
  • All professional features
  • Free updates
  • ManicTime Server in the cloud
  • Max. 3 devices
  • Applications and documents data for 1 year (?)
Ultimate plan
per user, per month billed annualy
$11 billed monthly
  • All professional features
  • Free updates
  • ManicTime Server in the cloud
  • Max. 5 devices
  • Screenshots stored in the cloud (for 30 last active days)
  • Applications and documents data for 5 years (?)
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* all plans come with 30 days free trial
30 DAY

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FAQ About Professional Edition

  1. Why is there a time limit to storage of Applications and Document timelines?

    When ManicTime tracks user's computer usage, it stores tracked data into three timelines:

    • Computer usage
    • Applications
    • Documents

    The user can also input data about what they were doing at specific times, which is displayed on Tag timeline.

    99% of data storage is taken up by Applications and Documents timelines and the other 1% is taken up by Computer usage and Tags. Over time, Tags and Computer usage timelines remain important, since they are representation of hours worked and these two timelines are stored forever on all plans. Applications and Documents timelines are less important so we will delete this data on certain plans.

  2. Can I install ManicTime on multiple computers?

    Yes, license is per user, so each user can install, run the software and send data from 3 or 5 machines (depends on the selected plan).

  3. Do you offer any discounts?

    We do not offer any discounts for the cloud subscription. We do offer discounts for regular license.

Stay informed

  • I do contract work and manage multiple projects where I bounce between projects on an almost by the minute basis. Once tagging is setup I can easily tag all my activities as I do them and my time accumulates in each project bucket. At the end of the day my timesheet is a breeze. This is the best tool I have found so far for a work style that involves heavy duty multi-tasking. I don't know what I would do without ManicTime. Well designed and thought out product. Cindy

  • Just renewed my licence for another year Just thought I'd let you know that this is one of the best pieces of software I've ever installed on my computer, free or paid for. I run my own business which principally relies on writing technical reports. ManicTime has made it so much easier to track my time over the various projects and therefore manage my fees and costs. (And your support has been excellent when I have had the odd problem). Paul

  • Just wanted to let you know that I think your software has helped me capture $1000's of dollars in revenue that I just wasn't billing before, as I wasn't doing a very good job of tracking my time. With ManicTime I get it all, and if I were ever to be audited by a client, I could give them every detail. Thanks so much! Linda

  • The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The ability to tag and color-code my work allows me to see at a glance how my day has been going. I can organize and structure things as much or as little as I like. What a great product! Gary

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