Google calendar timeline

Google calendar timeline will get the data from your calendar and display it on a separate timeline. Data is NOT saved locally, so you need to be online to get the data.

To add Google calendar timeline, open Timeline editor, then click Add timeline button, choose Google calendar and click Next.

Next you need to provide url to your calendar feed. With your browser navigate to Google calendar, then click on Calendar settings.

Open Google calendar settings

Copy the link to your XML feed.

Get the link to your calendar feed

Paste the url to URL field. If you are using more than one calendar, you can add them all by copying URL of each calendar on its own line.
You could also add each Google calendar on its own ManicTime timeline by adding as many Google calendar timelines as you want, but it usually works best if you add all calendars on one timeline.

Add Google calendar timeline

Click Ok, then click Ok again to confirm the changes to timelines. By now new Google Calendar timeline should be seen on the Day view.

Google calendar timeline on Day view